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                ROCKOLA WALL ROCK

         IN STOCK & Ready for Instillation

                In your Bar or Restaurant

                     ROCKOLA E-ROCK

      IN STOCK & Ready for Instillation

             In your Bar or Restaurant


Your location is more than just a bar. It’s a concert venue, gathering place, sports stadium, and home away from home for your customers. We create fun, engaging experiences that bring people together and add value to your location.


Why Choose AMI?

  • A Century of Expertise
    Since 1909, we’ve provided our network of operators with unbeatable reliability, top-notch support, and the best ownership experience in the industry. We’re committed to our operators — it’s why we’re still here, more than 100 years later.
  • Any Audience, Any Genre
    AMI’s incredible music library gives you a universe of music, including the best selection of indie and Spanish-language songs and artists anywhere. Looking for a particular song? Our music gurus will go out and get it. Just for you.
  • Contests and Giveaways
    We team up with major labels like Sony and Universal to give patrons the chance to win t-shirts, signed guitars, and other cool stuff from their favorite bands. There’s always something going on!
  • Game On!
    Music and video are just the beginning. With Tap TV, your patrons can challenge their friends in awesome interactive games that will have the whole venue playing along.

You know your locations better than anyone. That’s why we give you the power to choose only the music, features, and products that are right for you. And because all AMI products are backed by our unbeatable 24/7 support, you’ll never be left hanging.

Not Ready for High Speed internet & digital downloads?
This is The   SATURN I    by Rowe
As 100 CD  Jukeboxes go it has the best look and goes in any application.
Available for delivery with a 1 year renewable contract and your choice for musical selection.
Set up and delivery is at no cost!  Optional external speakers at no cost!
Remote behind the bar volume with credit /cancel features & PA microphone completes the package.
Gator Jukeboxes takes care of all licensing and all the music royalties.
After paying the mandatory amusement tax to the state We offer a 50/50 split with the location.
You provide the customers...   We provide the music!

Call for free setup & installation today - (352) - 258 - 9624
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